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            Structure principlebasic data of deaerator

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            Basic information
            Deaerator is one of the key equipment of boiler and heat supply system. If the deaerator has poor deaeration capacity, it will cause serious losses to the corrosion of boiler feed pipe, economizer and other auxiliary equipment, and the resulting economic losses will be dozens or hundreds of times the cost of deaerator. Therefore, the Ministry of electric power has put forward some standards for the oxygen content of deaerator, that is, the oxygen content of atmospheric deaerator feed water should be less than 15 цɡ/ 50. The oxygen content of feed water of pressure deaerator shall be less than 7 цɡ/ L。
            Deoxygenation law, geluzak law.
            When the pressure is constant, for every 1 ° C increase in the temperature of a certain mass of gas, the increase in volume is equal to 1/273 of its volume at 0 ° C; Or when the pressure is constant, the volume of a certain mass of gas is proportional to the thermodynamic temperature. It was discovered by French scientist Gail lusack in the experiment, so it is named. It is applicable to ideal gas, and it is also approximately applicable to real gas under high temperature and low pressure.
            Henry's law, when the total pressure of gas phase is not high at a certain temperature, for dilute solution, the concentration of solute in solution is proportional to its partial pressure in gas phase; Dalton's law of partial pressure: when the temperature and volume are constant, the total pressure of the mixed gas is equal to the sum of the component gas pressures, and the component pressure of each component gas is equal to the pressure when the gas occupies the total volume alone.
            Structural principle of deaerator
            The deaeration equipment is mainly composed of deaerator head, deaerator water tank, connecting pipe and external parts. The main component deaerator (deaerator head) is composed of shell, steam water separator, new type membrane rotator (film lifting pipe), water spraying grate, thermal storage packing liquid steam net and other components The structure and principle of deaerator head will be introduced to you
            1. shell: it is welded by cylinder body and stamping oval head, The medium and small low-pressure deaerator is equipped with a pair of flange connection upper and lower parts for assembly and maintenance, and the high-pressure deaerator is equipped with manhole for maintenance
            2. steam water separator: this kind of device replaces the original straw hat cone structure design in the old deaerator, so that the deaerator eliminates the phenomenon of steam exhaust with water.
            3. membrane rotator group: it is composed of water chamber, steam chamber, membrane rotator, condensate pipe, make-up water pipe and primary steam inlet pipe Condensate, chemical make-up water, and water are spirally sprayed through the membrane rotator at a certain angle to form a water film skirt, and heat exchange is conducted with the heating steam introduced from the primary heating steam pipe to form a primary deaeration. The feed water is heated to a saturation temperature close to the working pressure of the deaerator, i.e. 2-3 ℃ lower than the saturation temperature, and rough deaeration is carried out Generally, about 90-95% of the oxygen content in the feed water can be removed through this rotating membrane section
            4. drenching grate: it is made of several layers of staggered angular steel. The feed water that is roughly deaerated by the rotating membrane section is distributed twice here and falls onto the liquid steam network installed under it in a uniform rain shape
            5. liquid steam network of heat storage packing: it is composed of mutually spaced flat steel strips and a cylinder, which is internally equipped with a certain height of special stainless steel wire mesh. Here, the feed water is in full contact with the secondary steam, heated to the saturation temperature and deeply deoxidized. The low-pressure atmospheric deaerator is less than 10ug/l and the high-pressure deaerator is less than 5ug/l (the ministerial standards are 15ug/l and 7ug/l respectively)
            6. the deaerated feed water from the water tank is collected into the lower container of the deaerator, i.e. the water tank. The deaerated water tank is equipped with the latest scientifically designed strong heat exchange reboiler. The device has the advantages of strong heat exchange, rapid increase of water temperature, deeper deaeration, reduction of tank vibration, reduction of noise, etc., which improves the service life of the equipment and ensures the safety and reliability of equipment operation

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