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            Working principleinstallation precautions of deaerator

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            Analysis of working principle of deaerator
            The deaeration of the desorption deaerator is based on Henry's law. The oxygen free gas is strongly mixed with the oxygenated water, so that the oxygen dissolved in the water is separated out into the gas, so that the feed water can meet the water quality requirements. The oxygen-containing gas is reacted into oxygen-free inert gas in the heating reactor for recycling. According to Henry's law, the solubility [c] of a component in the mixed gas in the liquid is proportional to the equilibrium partial pressure [p] of the gas at the gas-liquid interface, that is, C = k? P。
            Analysis of deaerator work flow
            The water to be treated is delivered to the ejector by the deaeration pump. When the water passes through the ejector at a certain flow rate, a certain negative pressure is formed to suck in the oxygen free gas. Water and anaerobic gas are fully mixed in the mixing pipe, and then enter the parser. The oxygen dissolved in the water diffuses into the anaerobic gas in the parsing system. The oxygenated gas enters the gas-water separator from the top of the parser, enters the heat exchanger after dehydration by the gas-water separator, heats up to about 60~80 ℃, enters the heater, then enters the reactor, reacts with the reducing agent in the reactor, and becomes an oxygen free gas again, and then enters the next cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous deoxidization.
            Analyze the installation precautions of deaerator
            1. The equipment only needs a single foundation. It is recommended to embed steel plates at the bottom of the desorber and weld them on site during installation; The bottom of the reactor only needs to be horizontal; 2. The distance between the equipment and the wall shall not be less than 30cm, and the relative position of the equipment can be changed according to the specific situation;
            3. The power distribution cabinet shall be installed on the wall near the equipment, and the power varies according to the equipment model;
            4. Put the equipment in place according to the process and site conditions, and pay attention to keep the top of the desorber more than 2m higher than the higher water level of the water tank; 5. The recommended deaerator pump lift is 45~50m; The deaerator pump flow shall be 1.25~1.5 times of the equipment output
            6. Connect the equipment according to the process. Unless otherwise specified, welding is preferred for the interface; Equipment and pipelines shall be free of leakage;
            7. On the premise of ensuring the reasonable process, the equipment can be flexibly arranged. It is recommended to arrange it against the wall or corner;
            8. When it is difficult to arrange the equipment, the ejector and desorber gas-water separator can be arranged separately from the heat exchanger, heating reactor and electric control cabinet (such as indoor and outdoor, different floors, etc.).

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