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            Processing technologyworking efficiency of glass reactor

            返回列表 點擊瀏覽: 發布日期: 2022-05-26

                  The constant temperature oil bath or low-temperature circulating pump is used to heat and cool the reactants through the interlayer of the glass reactor, so that the temperature control of the reactants in the reactor can reach a high level, and the efficiency and quality of the experiment or production can be significantly improved. All glass reactors are made of high borosilicate materials. After the glass parts are processed, the glass parts of the reactor are heated to a temperature lower than the glass transition temperature for thermal insulation and soaking, so as to remove the temperature gradient of each part of the glass parts, relax the stress, eliminate the stress in the glass parts, make the appearance of the glass parts more flat and beautiful, and significantly improve the service life of the glass reactor, It can withstand high temperature of 300 ℃ and low temperature of -80 ℃ without cracking. The working efficiency of glass reaction kettle is as follows:
            1、 Insulation medium
                  Due to the small thickness of the interlayer in the middle of the double-layer glass reactor, it has poor thermal insulation performance. In the process of using high temperature and low temperature, it is necessary to use thermal insulation materials to protect the kettle body. The body of the reactor and the pipes leading to the liquid shall be wrapped with thermal insulation materials, and the thickness of the thermal insulation layer shall be paid attention to, so as to ensure good thermal insulation effect.
            2、 Storage location
                  As a reaction amplification test device, the double-layer glass reactor usually has a volume of 50 - 150L. The volume can be customized under specific circumstances. Therefore, the scale of the test should not be underestimated. As the kettle body is made of glass, the stainless steel is the support and the legs are casters, the storage location needs to be carefully selected. Although casters can be fixed with shackles, their stability is not strong. Therefore, during storage, pay attention to selecting a flat place, place it horizontally, and keep the mechanical mixing center consistent with the reactor, otherwise it is easy to shake and unstable, resulting in safety accidents. The height of the double-layer glass reactor is about 1.5m, and the overall reactor is about 2m with the straight condensing pipe. The general floor ventilation kitchen cannot be placed, but it must be placed in a well ventilated place.
            3、 Temperature control medium selection
                  According to the required reaction temperature, the temperature control medium with different properties is selected as the heat transmission medium of the reaction. Low temperature, choose ice ethanol bath; Normal temperature, choose water bath; High temperature, choose oil bath. When using low temperature or high temperature, pay attention to the selection of appropriate medium, and the key is viscosity. If the viscosity of the medium is too large, the circulating pump may not move, and the medium circulation effect is not good, so the required temperature control effect cannot be achieved. Replace the high-power circulating pump rashly. If the pressure of the medium is too high, it is easy to damage the lining of the double-layer glass reactor, and the reactor will break. Usually, the manufacturer will match the corresponding heating medium for selection according to its own products.

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