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            How to use carbon fiber autoclave to complete the carbon fiber forming process?

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            With the continuous development of the industry and changing with each passing day, the more common processes of carbon fiber forming include autoclave forming, winding forming and compression forming. This paper focuses on the carbon fiber thermal

            How the autoclave completes the carbon fiber forming process.

            First, let's talk about the process flow of carbon fiber autoclave forming

            According to the required size of carbon fiber parts, molds are made, and then anti-sticking treatment and prepreg layup are carried out in the mold, and then the mold parts are sealed around with a vacuum bag without air leakage. Put the vacuum-sealed parts on the platform of the carbon fiber autoclave, close the door of the can, and first evacuated the vacuum bag to discharge the gas in the vacuum bag to achieve a vacuum state. Then, the carbon fiber autoclave is heated and pressured to the required parameters. According to the process needs, after keeping the temperature and pressure for a period of time, the temperature is lowered and the pressure is reduced, so that the carbon fiber prepreg is transferred by temperature and pressure, and the whole product is finalized. This is the complete carbon fiber molding process.

            2. Points to pay attention to when forming carbon fiber autoclave

            The autoclave forming process should pay attention to the size of the mold. Considering whether there will be errors in the size of the mold under the high pressure and high temperature of the autoclave, when designing the mold, it is necessary to combine

            The material of the mold is used for the corresponding product production. At the same time, it is also necessary to find out what causes the deformation of the mold and the change in size.

            When the inside of the vacuum bag is evacuated, the parts are elastically deformed under pressure. On the other hand, when the carbon fiber parts are heated in the autoclave, thermal expansion and contraction lead to deformation of the parts. In these two cases, the size of the carbon fiber parts will be deviated, and the size of the produced carbon fiber products will also be inaccurate.

            The pressure and temperature control in the carbon fiber autoclave has a great relationship with the molding and curing of carbon fiber prepreg. Among them, the degree of solidification and molding inside the carbon fiber part has an impact, and whether there is splitting or delamination in the later stage, which is also the main point to pay attention to in the autoclave molding process.

            Through the analysis of the above two aspects, do you already know how to complete the carbon fiber forming process in a carbon fiber autoclave?

            Taian Strength Equipment is a domestic manufacturer engaged in the customization of pressure vessels. Among them, carbon fiber autoclave is one of the main products of our factory. We are also constantly improving the technology of autoclave equipment to make the performance of carbon fiber autoclave more stable. Hope It can improve the efficiency in the curing process of the autoclave and bring greater economic benefits to customers!

            carbon fiber autoclave

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