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            ASME Buffer Tank Delivered to Cambodia

            返回列表 點擊瀏覽: 發布日期: 2022-08-13

            Buffer tank (also called air tank, pressure tank, etc.) is mainly used for all kinds of systems in the buffer system pressure fluctuation. Such as central air conditioning, boiler, water heater, frequency conversion, constant pressure water supply equipment, the buffer system pressure fluctuation, eliminate the water hammer to stabilize the unloading role, so that the system works more smoothly.

             The buffer performance of the buffer tank is mainly achieved by the compressed air in the compression tank. When the water pressure or air pressure changes slightly in the system. Again buffer tank will have a certain buffer effect on the change of pressure, which can ensure the stability of the pressure of the system. Next the pump will not open frequently due to the change of pressure. Buffer tank is widely used in water supply equipment, central air conditioning system, etc.

            At the beginning of Jan. 2022, TAIAN STRENGTH contracted the construction of 5 sets of 50m3 and 1 set of 12m3 ASME buffer tank for the Cambodia Project Department of the Vinci Group. First batch was successfully delivered on 25th, March 2022. In addition the second batch was shipped on 7th, June 2022 from Qingdao Port, China to Sihanoukville Port, Cambodia.

             Vinci Group is a construction service company with a history of more than 100 years. Furthermore it is the worlds largest contracting, construction and related service company. According to the needs of the project, a water conservancy project department in Cambodia hopes that our company will contract to build 5 sets of 50m3 and 1 set of 12m3 buffer tanks.

             After obtaining the relevant technical requirements, our engineers immediately engaged in the relevant technical design, and made a detailed plan for this project. Later the technical standards were confirmed, the PO was also confirmed. Afterwards the intense and orderly production, the hydraulic test of the buffer tank was made successfully, witnessed by the inspectors of the Vinci project department. Then the hydraulic test was successfully completed. As well ,buffer tank fully met the test requirements. Gradually the hydraulic test was completed, TAIAN STRENGTH immediately arranged rust removal and sand blasting for the whole buffer tank, and strictly in accordance with the standard operation. After sandblasting and rust removal, spray painting should be arranged immediately. As the buffer tank is used for drinking water project, the relevant paint thickness and quality requirements are also very high.

             Based on this high quality requirement, we chose Jotun, a world famous paint brand with high quality. In order to fully guarantee the final quality, our company is not stingy in terms of paint thickness. The Vinci project department requires 450um, but after the final inspection by the Vinci third-party personnel. The paint thickness exceeds the quality requirements in an all round way. And the customer is quite satisfied. Considering the damage to the paint caused by inland and sea transportation. Our company has specially made a detailed packaging scheme. After all procedures were completed and all project documents were submitted. Vinci staff were quite satisfied with our work and issued instructions to allow shipment.

             Meanwhile, a water conservancy project department in Tanzania has a new procurement plan according to the project needs. After confirming the relevant technical requirements, our engineers made drawings according to the requirements, and the procurement of raw materials is also in order. It is expected to be delivered in middle October 2022.

             buffer tank

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