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            ASME, PED dual certification Composite Autoclave sent to Ukraine

            返回列表 點擊瀏覽: 發布日期: 2022-09-08

            In recent years, the world's demand for aviation engines has been increasing, and the performance requirements have also been continuously strengthened. New materials represented by composite materials are increasingly favored by aviation engine manufacturers due to their high strength, light weight, and low-cost manufacturing. More and more engine components use high-strength and lightweight composite material components. Taian Strength Machinery Equipment is an old-fashioned enterprise in the manufacture of new composite autoclaves in China, specializing in the production of autoclaves required for the production of composite materials for aerospace components.

            At the beginning of 2022, the medium-sized ASME and PED double-certified autoclave developed by the strength equipment for a Ukrainian aviation development company was successfully completed one month ahead of schedule. Arrived at the port of Odessa in early March.

            Aero-engines are known as the pearls of industry, and the level of engine manufacturing represents the height of a country's comprehensive industrial strength. A Ukrainian aviation enterprise is a traditional Ukrainian aviation manufacturing unit, occupying a place in Ukraine and the world aviation manufacturing.

            Thanks to our good reputation in the industry, Ukrainian aviation enterprises find our company through government relations. Our company is required to provide an experimental medium-sized composite autoclave, which is specially used for the production of a core component of the engine.

            After the relevant plan was confirmed, our engineers immediately invested in the design review of the autoclave. In order to produce in strict accordance with the production standards, our international third-party inspection agency Lowe's got in touch and participated in the whole process of inspection and production. When it comes to export products, our company will purchase all the materials involved in the autoclave from Wugang, a steel mill with better quality pressure vessels in China.

            After intense and orderly production, our company completed all the manufacturing and inspection of the autoclave one month ahead of schedule. Relevant indicators such as flaw detection, hydraulic test, safety, airtightness and other parameters have successfully exceeded the customer's requirements. The commissioning and operation of each system and equipment have all met the customer's requirements, and the autoclave has been completed in good condition.

            The technical parameters of the composite autoclave with ASME and PED double certification are as follows:

            1. Working diameter (mm): 1200

            2. Effective length (mm): 3000

            3. Working temperature (): 160

            4. Working pressure (MPa): 0.8

            5. Vacuum pipeline: 12 channels

            6 Thermocouples: 12

            7 Voltage frequency: 380V50HZ, 3 phases

            With the continuous progress of science and technology, new materials and new technologies continue to emerge. With the gradual improvement of people's requirements for a better quality of life, corresponding new materials continue to emerge. Composite materials are constantly favored by people for their excellent characteristics of high strength, low weight and high flicker. At present, composite materials have been widely used in automobile, aerospace, high-speed rail, aircraft manufacturing, aero-engine and other industries. And in all these composite products, the autoclave plays a major role in its production.

            Our company will take this opportunity to manufacture autoclaves of Ukrainian Aviation Development Co., Ltd., and will continue to increase investment, and will continue to develop various types of composite autoclave tanks to meet the individual needs of different customers in different industries. Welcome to me Division Qiadan cooperation.

            composite autoclave

            composite autoclave

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