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            Dalian DN2300X4700 carbon fiber Autoclave successfully delivered

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            Carbon fiber autoclave, also known as composite autoclave, is a production equipment for materials related to materials science, mechanical engineering, textile science and technology, natural science-related engineering and technical fields. Its main working principle is to use pressure and temperature. Some composite materials are heated and pressurized to achieve curing requirements. Composite products made from autoclave are widely used in aerospace, automobile, high-speed rail and other industries due to their high strength, lightness, and other characteristics. The autoclave produced by our company currently has a complete range of models, which can meet the personalized customization needs of different customers.

            The carbon fiber autoclave delivered this time is a new project of an old customer in Dalian of our company. The requirements of the new autoclave project are slightly different from the last time. The new project autoclave has increased in diameter and length, and the specific parameters are as follows:

            Effective diameter: 2300mm:

            Effective length: 4700mm:

            Design pressure: 5.4MPa;

            Working pressure: 4.9MPa;

            Design temperature: 175;

            Working temperature: 150.

            carbon fiber autoclave

            Since the size of the new material autoclave has increased compared to the last time, our technical engineers have carried out new structural design work on the composite material autoclave, using forgings with high compressive strength as the door opening device, and have The hydraulic cylinder in the door opening and closing device has been optimized, and the steel plate used in the autoclave is still the best steel plate for pressure vessels in China, and the raw materials of Wuyang Steel Plate Factory.

            After the project was confirmed, our company immediately dispatched elite troops to invest in the production of the autoclave. After intense and orderly procurement and manufacturing, our company completed the production of the carbon fiber autoclave on schedule and fulfilled the promise to customers. On-time delivery of 3 months manufacturing cycle.

            After various tests and inspections, all indicators have exceeded the customer's requirements, and the customer is very satisfied with the acceptance work.

            After completing various transportation preparations, the carbon fiber autoclave was successfully shipped and will arrive at the customer's site in the near future.

            In the future, Taian Strength Machinery and Equipment will continue to increase investment in technology research and development to provide customers with products and services of higher quality and higher technical requirements.

            carbon fiber autoclave

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