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            Working principleworking conditions of thermal deaerator

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                    Due to the V-type and O-H bond polarity of hoh molecules, the V-type and O-H bond polarity of H molecules lead to asymmetric charge distribution. This polarity causes electronic attraction (partial pressure) between water molecules, so excess oxygen atoms and other atoms adhere to the gap between water clusters. This electronic gravity (partial pressure) is proportional to the partial pressure of the gas on the water surface. Hydrogen bond breaking is a necessary prerequisite for the physical change of water structure, but the chemical properties of water have not changed. This change requires energy consumption. Thermal deoxidation is to heat water with steam. When water boils and vaporizes under corresponding pressure, the hydrogen bond between water molecules is destroyed and cut off. After the hydrogen bond is cut off, the electronic gravity (partial pressure) of the dissolved gas is zero, and the water no longer has the ability to dissolve the gas, that is, the gas dissolved in the water, including oxygen, can remove the formed anaerobic water. Therefore, a good way to remove oxygen from water is to boil under the corresponding heat to the corresponding pressure. The faster the molecules move, the easier it is for the dissolved gas to precipitate. The easier it is for dissolved gas to be closely related to the contact area of water and steam. Heating will destroy the hydrogen bonds of some water, reduce the pressure and disperse water molecules. Oxygen atoms and other atoms will precipitate out of the water without pressure, so the deaeration of feedwater is simple, practical and convenient, that is, the water is heated to the boiling temperature under the corresponding pressure.
                    Deaeration effect of thermal deaerator: first, heat exchange rate, time and speed of heating boiling temperature under corresponding pressure; The second is the discharge rate of dissolved gas. The precipitate of dissolved gas is rapidly discharged from the tank into the atmosphere. These two velocities are closely related to the contact area of water and steam. Working principle of thermal deaerator (jet, entrainment, turbulence, heat transfer, mass transfer, water film skirt, rain, saturation) condensate and make-up water first enter the water chamber of the internal rotating membrane device of the deaerator. Under a certain water level differential pressure, the small hole of the membrane tube rapidly inclines to the inner hole, forming a large area of jet spray group. At this time, the cavity of the thermal deaerator is full of rapidly rising jet saturated steam, which impacts with the (water) jet spray group, and a large number of (water) jet spray groups are washed away and involved (the test shows that under the same conditions, the absorption effect of jet saturated steam is far greater than that of (water) jet); The jet saturated steam immediately releases a large amount of heat energy, and the water temperature rises rapidly. In the process of jet saturated steam dispersion and entrainment, the water continues to rotate along the inner hole wall of the membrane tube, forming a layer by layer rolling steam water mixed membrane skirt (under the action of external force, the critical Reynolds number is greatly reduced in the process of rotation, resulting in turbulent rolling). At this time, the steam water mixture has a high thermal conductivity in the turbulent state, the water temperature quickly reaches the saturation temperature, the hydrogen bond breaks, and oxygen and other gases precipitate immediately. Since oxygen cannot be diffused randomly in the inner hole, the steam can only be discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe through the built-in reciprocating exhaust device. Here, the membrane coarse deaeration water supply and the drainage introduced by the drainage pipe are mixed. The rainwater falls evenly on the liquid steam network installed below, and flows into the water tank after deep deaeration. The oxygen content of the water tank is 0-7 ° C /l at high pressure and less than 15 ° C /l at low pressure, meeting the operation standards issued by the Department. In order to meet the needs of different working conditions, the boiling deaerator is added to meet the needs of different working conditions. Whether it is a rotating film deaerator or a spray deaerator, the water is always in a turbulent state during operation, and the larger the heat conduction area is.

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