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            • Boiler Barrel
            Boiler Barrel

            Product features:The boiler barrel is a cylindrical pressure vessel



            產品描述The product description

            Product Description:

            The boiler barrel is a cylindrical pressure vessel used for steam-water separation and steam purification in a water-tube boiler to form a water circulation loop and store boiler water, also known as a steam drum. The main function is to receive water from the economizer, separate steam and water, supply water to the circulation loop, and deliver saturated steam to the superheater. There is a certain amount of water in the boiler barrel , with a certain amount of heat and working fluid storage, which can slow down the speed of steam pressure change when the working conditions change, and play a certain buffering role when the water supply and the load are not coordinated for a short time. The boiler barrel is equipped with internal devices for steam-water separation, steam cleaning, dosing in the pot, and continuous sewage discharge to ensure steam quality.


            The boiler barrel (also known as the steam drum) is the most important pressure component in the natural circulation boiler. The main functions of the boiler barrel are:

            1: It is the connection hub of the three processes of working medium heating, evaporation andsuper heating, which ensures the normal water circulation of the boiler.

            2: There is a steam-water separation device and a continuous sewage device inside to ensure the quality of boiler steam.

            3: There is a certain amount of water, a certain heat storage capacity, and the speed of change of steam pressure is moderated.

            4: There are pressure gauges, water level gauges, accidental water discharge, safety valves and other equipment on the boiler barrel to ensure the safe operation of the boiler

            Manufacturing Standard:

            Chinese standard GB150-2011

            American standard ASME

            European standard PED(CE)

            Other countries Malaysia DOSH, Singapore MOM, etc.

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