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            Safe use of autoclaves

            返回列表 點擊瀏覽: 發布日期: 2015-03-07
                     The safe use of pressure vessels such as autoclaves has always been very important. In recent years, there have been corresponding safety problems. Each occurrence causes casualties. However, although the use of autoclaves is very unsafe in theory, in fact, there are always precursors to problems. Most of the problems are caused by the neglect of users. Therefore, the safe use of autoclave is the correct method.
            Autoclave is a common equipment in the production of aerated concrete blocks, and it is also a high-risk equipment prone to leakage, fire and explosion accidents. In recent years, autoclave leakage, fire and explosion accidents have occurred frequently. These dangerous accidents can be avoided through safe operation. Depending on the pressure required by the process, the chemical reaction can be carried out under the conditions of opening and closing atmospheric pressure, pressurization or negative pressure.
                     Equipment is the premise to ensure normal operation. The design of autoclave is unreasonable, the structural shape of equipment is discontinuous, and the weld arrangement is improper. May cause stress concentration; Improper material selection, poor welding quality during vessel manufacturing, improper heat treatment, etc. May reduce the toughness of the material; The vessel shell is corroded by corrosive medium, the strength is reduced or the safety accessories are missing, which may cause explosion during use.
                     Accidents caused by improper operation. Some autoclaves use manual closing of the lid, which sometimes leads to lax closing of the lid. After pressurization and ventilation, the lid will fly out, causing injury. At present, no matter what kind of safety measures are used, we can't ignore the safety just because the design improves the safety performance. However, for the sake of insurance, staff still need to check regularly.
                     Secondly, the workers relaxed their minds and did not find any signs of accidents in time. When the autoclave reacts under normal pressure or negative pressure, some people think that it is not dangerous to operate under normal pressure, negative pressure or negative pressure, and they are often paralyzed and lax. They can not find and deal with the signs of sudden accidents in time, which leads to accidents later. In fact, the pressure on the reactor wall of the atmospheric or open reactor is greater than that of the pressurized reactor in the reactor, and the risk is also greater.
                     Of course, when using the autoclave, you can't ignore the safety if there are few accidents. Most of the accidents are caused by improper operation. Therefore, employees must be cautious in autoclave operation, not only for the safety of others, but also for themselves. In addition to accident prevention, we should also strengthen the training of handling methods in the event of an accident. Once it is irreparable, we should use the correct handling methods to handle it, for example, to ensure the safety of personnel for correct evacuation.

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