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            Strength Equipment successfully passed the on-site appraisal, reviewrenewal of A

            返回列表 點擊瀏覽: 發布日期: 2023-02-04

            From December 09 to December 10, 2022, the special equipment inspection and appraisal team of the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration will come to our company for the on-site appraisal of "A2-level pressure vessel special equipment manufacturing license level assessment" (A2-level certificate renewal assessment) review. The person in charge of our technology, the person in charge of quality, the person in charge of inspection and testing, the senior personnel of non-destructive testing, key positions and parts

            Specially certified personnel participated in the first and last meetings.

            During the assessment period, the assessors carefully reviewed the materials and relevant certificates related to the assessment work, including resources, technical capabilities, testing income, approved projects, management systems, quality management system documents, technical materials, testing (test) records and reports, etc. An on-site defense assessment was conducted for the designers.

            Through this A2-level certificate renewal review, our company's management ability and technical level have been further improved, and it has played a positive role in promoting the company's high-quality development. At the same time, we will take the opportunity of this A2 certificate renewal assessment to continuously improve the system construction and personnel training mechanism, enhance the sense of responsibility and service concept, and wholeheartedly provide the society with efficient and high-quality technical services.

            Finally, congratulations to Strength Equipment for successfully passing the on-site appraisal, review and renewal of A2-grade pressure vessels, and contributing to the development of China's pressure vessel industry.

            A2-grade pressure vessels

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