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            TAIAN STRENGTH Successfully Obtained ASME S CertificateUpdated UU2 Certificate

            返回列表 點擊瀏覽: 發布日期: 2023-06-15

            Taian Strength Equipments Co.,Ltd is a professional designer and manufacturer of pressure vessels. In the past few years, we have manufactured a lot of medium and high pressure products. We have cooperated with many foreign customers on U stamp authorization certificate projects, and these projects have also been awarded Good feedback from different customers. The application for the S stamp this time is to further consolidate the company's high position in the fierce market competition.

            From April 21st to 22nd, 2023, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) appointed a joint inspection team to review the collection and renewal of the ASME S, U and U2 steel seal authorization certificates of Taian Strength Equipments Co.,Ltd. In order to do a good job in this certificate collection and replacement work, as early as December last year,Taian Strength Equipments Co.,Ltd established an ASME certificate replacement team to prepare for the ASME authorized certificate collection and replacement work. Under the guidance of authorized inspectors, Taian Strength Equipments Co.,Ltd revised the ASME quality assurance manual and program documents, and at the same time carefully prepared for the renewal of certificates in accordance with the requirements of the quality assurance system documents and ASME codes, and in early April this year The production of the demonstration product and all the work before the joint inspection have been completed.

            During the joint inspection, the joint inspection team reviewed in detail the ASME quality assurance manual, program documents, demonstration product design, material procurement, process, welding, flaw detection and measurement documents of the demonstration product on site, and reviewed the on-site demonstration of the demonstration product . During the review process, members of the ASME recertification team cooperated very well with the work of the review team, rectified the problems raised by the review team in a timely manner, and were recognized by the Joint Inspection Unit.

            At the last meeting of the joint inspection, the leader of the joint inspection team announced that Taian Strength Equipments Co.,Ltd had successfully passed the inspection of the joint inspection team. The audit team will submit a joint inspection report to ASME and recommend ASME to issue new authorization certificates for S, U and U2 stamps to Taian Strength Equipments Co.,Ltd. The successful passing of ASME certification this time is another important progress made by Taian Strength Equipments Co.,Ltd in boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing and quality system. In the future, it will continue to improve production and management levels, and provide more excellent, reliable and efficient products High-quality products and services provide a strong guarantee for the continuous expansion of global market share and long-term development.

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